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""The past may be a warning for generations to come."

Emily Nasrallah

Al Bahira
Al Bahira - The Resplendent Flower

An adventure story for the youth. In search for a rare flower "al-Bahira", the young hero learns about life's purpose.

Publisher: Dar Naufal
Shadi as Saghir
Shadi as Saghir - Little Shadi

A school book co-written with educator Nafissa Al-Rifai. The little hero lives on a farm by a river and dreams of travelling one day like a fish in the river. Will his dream come true?

Publisher: Dar Naufal
Yawmiyyat Hirr
Yawmiyyat Hirr - A Cat's Diary

This story was inspired by events that actually occurred during Lebanon's Civil War. Zeeko was a real character, as was his friend Mona...Read more and see other translations.

Publisher: Dar al-Kitab al-Aalami
Jazirat al Wahm
Jazirat al Wahm - Island of Illusion

Collection of short stories for young adults.

Publisher: Beit el-Hikma
Ala Bissat al Thalj
Ala Bissat al Thalj - On a Snow Carpet

This is an adventure story of youth that describes the imaginary travel of a Lebanese boy, Hadi, on a snow carpet to the North Pole and the country of the Inuit people...Read more

Publisher: Dar al-Ibdaa
Al Ghazala
Al Ghazala - The Gazelle

A story for children, yet, while reading it, we learn that animals, also, have feelings, and they long for their first home.

Publisher: Dar al-Ibdaa, Al Harf al-Thahabi
Anda al Khawta
Anda al Khawta - Anda the Fool

For children, ages between 5 and 8 years, this colorfully illustrated story deals with a village fool called "Anda" who lives on the periphery of the community...Read more

Publisher: Dar al-Ibdaa, Al Harf al-Thahabi
Ayna tathhab Anda?
Ayna tathhab Anda? - Where does Anda go?

In this second book for children age 5 to 8 years, following the first "Anda the Fool" (Anda al Khawta), Anda invites us to a new journey in her special world.

Publisher: Dar al-Ibdaa