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Al Rahina - The Bondaged

This novel tells the life story of a young woman, promised (bondaged) into marriage when still yet a child, to the village godfather by her poor peasant parents.

Although not anymore in practice, the story is symbolic of the destiny of many women who are subjugated by social forces (parents or family, or social unwritten rules) to this or that despite their opposition.

Publisher: Dar Naufal
Surati Street, Beirut, LEBANON
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Das Pfand - The Bondaged

Translated in German from the Arabic book Al-Rahina by Doris Kilias.

Publisher: Lenos Verlag
Spalentorweg 12, CH-4051 Basel, SWITZERLAND
Tel: 0041 (61) 261 34 14, Fax: 0041 (61) 261 35 18
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