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Al Iklaa Aks Az Zaman - Flight Against Time

The Civil War of 1975-1990 forms a backdrop to Emily Nasrallah's Flight Against Time, but the story Nasrallah tells is far older and more universal than the Lebanese Civil War of 1975-1990.

Nasrallah eloquently captures the enduring anguish of parents whose children feel they must spread their wings in other lands, touched by the "contagion of emigration", never to return to the "nursery that embraced the seedlings for a while".

In a tale of mythic proportions, Nasrallah captures the searing love of parents for children and children for their parents, despite two decades of separation, and sister for brother, despite half a century of separation. She portrays the yearning for loved ones from whom one will forever be separated, not by death, but by distance.

In a world of global migrations, no one can be untouched by stories of separation, yearning for loved ones far away, and nostalgia for a time when parents, children, family, friends and neighbors lived in a small world of integrity and dignity.

Dr. Suad Joseph
University of California at Davis

Publisher: Dar Naufal
Surati Street, Beirut, LEBANON
Telefax: (961-1) 354394
E-mail: naufalgroup@terra.net.lb

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Flight Against Time - Al Iklaa Aks Az Zaman

Translated in English from the Arabic book Al Iklaa Aks az Zaman by Issa J. Boullata.

Publisher: Dar al-Kitab al-Aalami
P.O.Box 11-3176 Beirut, LEBANON
Tel: (961-1) 349370/(961-1) 743358 Fax: (961-1) 351226
E-mail: info@arabook.com

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Flug Gegen Die Zeit - Flight Against Time

Translated in German from the Arabic book Al Iklaa Aks az Zaman by Hartmut Fähndrich.

Publisher: Lenos Verlag
Spalentorweg 12, CH-4051 Basel, SWITZERLAND
Tel: 0041 (61) 261 34 14, Fax: 0041 (61) 261 35 18
http://www.lenos.ch E-mail: lenos@lenos.ch

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Rejse Mod Tiden - Flight Against Time

Translated in Dutch from the Arabic book Al Iklaa Aks az Zaman by Ellen Wulff.

Publisher: Forlaget Fremad
Kobmagergade 62, 1150 Copenhagen, DENMARK
Tel: 33 41 18 10, Fax: 33 41 18 11

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