Touyour Ayloul - Birds of September

Nasrallah’s first published novel, in 1962, now in its sixteenth edition.
This story about her native village and its people as the heroes won immediate acclaim and two outstanding prizes: the “Said Akl” prize and the “Friends of the Book” prize.
This novel describes the saga of the village people who witness their loved ones (sons, husbands…) depart for far away more promising lands and countries, just as they see in the month of September, birds, in awe of the expected cold winter, head south in search of warmer places… The Audiobook, read by the author, appeared on the books 50th anniversary.The book has been translated into several languages and in 2015 it was one of the first Lebanese books to be printed in Braille.

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First Edition in 1962

Publisher: Hachette/Antoine

Shajarat ad Dufla - The Oleander Tree

A social novel that weaves its story around a young attractive girl, “Raya”, who in her desire to be free and live her own life, revolts in strange ways against her village society and comes to a tragic end.

First Edition in 1968

Publisher: Hachette/Antoine

Al Rahina - The Bondaged

This novel tells the life story of a young woman, promised (bondaged) into marriage when still yet a child, to the village godfather by her poor peasant parents.

Although not anymore in practice, the story is symbolic of the destiny of many women who are subjugated by social forces (parents or family, or social unwritten rules) to this or that despite their opposition.

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First Edition in 1974

Publisher: Hachette/Antoine

Tilka az Zikrayat - Those Memories

Written in the atmosphere of the bloody Lebanese civil war, and in the moment of temporal overlap of past, present and future, Nasrallah embodies the lines of her novel, an innovative mix of scenes, memories and aspirations, within the context of the human purpose and the deep sense of existence and destiny.

A literary effect that summarizes the depth of tragedy, the dimensions of destiny and the splendor of creativity.

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First Edition in 1980

Publisher: Hachette/Antoine

Al Iklaa Aks Az Zaman - Flight Against Time

“The Civil War of 1975-1990 forms a backdrop to Emily Nasrallah's Flight Against Time, but the story Nasrallah tells is far older and more universal than the Lebanese Civil War of 1975-1990.

Nasrallah eloquently captures the enduring anguish of parents whose children feel they must spread their wings in other lands, touched by the "contagion of emigration", never to return to the "nursery that embraced the seedlings for a while".

In a tale of mythic proportions, Nasrallah captures the searing love of parents for children and children for their parents, despite two decades of separation, and sister for brother, despite half a century of separation. She portrays the yearning for loved ones from whom one will forever be separated, not by death, but by distance.

In a world of global migrations, no one can be untouched by stories of separation, yearning for loved ones far away, and nostalgia for a time when parents, children, family, friends and neighbors lived in a small world of integrity and dignity.”

Dr. Suad Joseph
University of California at Davis

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First Edition in 1981

Publisher: Hachette/Antoine

Al Jamr al Ghafi- Sleeping Ember

This novel is the other side of the coin to “Birds of September” by Nasrallah.

While the latter deals with the tragedy of the parents who stay in the village, the first follows the “birds” (sons and daughters) to their western countries of emigration.

The story deals with their struggle and suffering and disappointments, and describes the tragic return home of some of them after failures and illnesses, etc…

First Edition in 1995

Publisher: Hachette/Antoine

Ma Hadatha Fi Jozor Tamaya - What Happened in Tamaya Islands

In her seventh novel, Nasrallah continues her exploration of the emigration world of her people, the Lebanese.

This novel is written in a new narration style, through which the author takes us into an amazing world of reality and illusions.

First Edition in 2006

Publisher: Hachette/Antoine