September Vogel - Birds of September

Nasrallah’s first published novel, in 1962, now in its twelfth edition.

This novel describes the saga of the village people who witness their loved ones (sons, husbands…) depart for far away more promising lands and countries, just as they see in the month of September, birds, in awe of the expected cold winter, head south in search of warmer places.

Translated into German from the Arabic book
Touyour Ayloul by Veronika Theis.

First Edition in 1988

Lenos Verlag

Pajaros de Septiembre - Birds of September

See text above Birds of September:

Translated into Spanish from the Arabic book
Touyour Ayloul by Antonio Martinez

First Edition in 2005

Castro/Ediciones del Oriente y del Mediterraneo